Our Mission

We believe every human being has the right to experience a meaningful spiritual journey.

You don't have to be a guru to have access to a spiritual experience. You don't need to know a guru to facilitate this journey for you. Everything you need is inside of you. It has always been there, ready to be called on. Your moment of awakening is here. We are committed to making spirituality available to everyone.

We empower seekers to start a spiritual practice using sacred palo santo. 

Our amulets and mala will help to raise your vibration using sacred spells and symbols integrated with ancient palo santo materials. You possess the light, intelligence, and power of the entire universe inside of you. We exist to help you remember this.

Light of Ki

Ki is the spiritual force that emanates from and gives energy to living beings. It is the vibration of your soul. We see and honor the powerful light that comes through you.

Palo santo

For generations, medicine people, shamans, and other tribal people in the Andes and South America have used this sacred wood for healing and clearing purposes.

We sustainably harvested this wood in the mountains of Peru thirty years ago, after more than a decade maturing on the forest floor. Reclaiming the fallen branches and logs, we kept them over the years to dry and further develop the natural aroma. We now feel that this magnificent wood is ready to transcend into its next phase, and humanity is finally willing to receive it.

We believe in the potency of this sacred tree that has been used for thousands of years. Those who are seeking a more united spiritual connection use palo santo to protect, experience, and heal.

We envision bringing mystical palo santo to the modern spiritual seekers from all corners of the world.

Traditionally, you can find palo santo sticks burned at one end, and smudged in the areas that needed clearing and blessing.

We use palo santo to create beautiful pieces, that maintain both the magnificent aroma as well as the potent spiritual benefits of the wood. 

Seven things about us

  1. We use responsibly harvested, reclaimed palo santo to create beautiful wands, amulets, mala beads, incense and other tools for your spiritual practice.
  2. Our wood was harvested in 1989 in Peru. We kept it for more than three decades to allow it to further develop its mystical aroma.
  3. We hold your sacred intention above our work as we create your order.
  4. We support seekers from all over the world to start and deepen their spiritual practice using the power of palo santo. 
  5. We will send you an activation ritual for your palo santo piece.
  6. We love our planet, we love people, and we love our products.
  7. We plant a tree in the South American Andes for each product we sell. One for one.