Start your spiritual journey

with the power of palo santo

Use the power of palo santo to create a daily spiritual practice of connecting with the universe.

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Brand new

Palo Santo Pendulum

A powerful tool that can be used to gain insight from your higher self, the palo santo pendulum will open the path of learning how to communicate with and trust your intuition.

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Palo Santo Incense


Palo Santo Incense

Combining the incense making mastery of the East with the mystical palo santo wood from Peru, this is the first palo santo incense in the world that comes in this form.

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Protection Amulet
Protection Amulet
Protection Amulet
Protection Amulet
Protection Amulet
Protection Amulet


Protection Amulet
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In the middle of the amulet we inscribed an ancient mantra of protection. This powerful spell is said to remove  obstacles. 
On the reverse of the amulet, the markings of divine connection and surrender will seal the intention of protection.


Made from sustainably harvested palo santo wood from Peru.

Handled with intuition and intention.

Imagined and fulfilled in our boutique wood workshop.

Each product is unique.

Our products are crafted from sustainably harvested, reclaimed palo santo. We pledge to honor and support the region from which our wood comes.

We love our planet. We love people. We love our products.

One product sold = one tree planted in the South American Andes in partnership with One Tree Planted

You are a miracle of the universe.

Do not stray from this knowing. We all need you to live in your light.

Our mission

is you

We are committed to making spirituality easy and available to everyone.

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