Amulets have been around since the first humans awoke to the power of their imagination. The oldest pieces preserved date in ancient Egypt, ca. 4400 B.C. 

Made from sustainably harvested palo santo wood reclaimed from Peru in 1989, our amulets are inscribed with powerful spells given to us by a master medicine man in Taiwan.

You will also receive an activation ritual that will help you blend your Ki life energy (氣) with the palo santo energy so that this piece truly becomes your own.

No amulet, however, works by itself. The power is in you, the one who holds it and magnifies its purpose and intention with your energy. We invite you to connect your inner knowing with this majestic material and witness miracles unfold. 

Keep your amulet close to you during the day, under your pillow as you sleep, in your sacred space, journal, or workplace.

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