About us

Our Mission & Vision

We empower seekers to start and deepen their spiritual practice using palo santo. 

Our amulets and mala beads will help to raise your vibration using spells and symbols integrated with palo santo materials. 

The meaning of our brand name - Light of Ki

Ki 氣 is the force that emanates from and gives energy to living beings. It is the vibration of your soul.

We see and honor the powerful light that comes through you.

We envision bringing mystical palo santo to the modern spiritual seekers from all corners of the world.

Traditionally, you can find palo santo sticks burned at one end, and smudged in the areas that needed clearing and blessing.

We use palo santo to create beautiful pieces, that maintain both the magnificent aroma as well as the potent spiritual benefits of the wood. 

Some things to know about us

  1. We use responsibly harvested, reclaimed palo santo to create beautiful wands, amulets, mala beads, incense and other tools for your spiritual practice.
  2. Our wood was sustainably harvested in Peru three decades ago. 
  3. We hold your sacred intention above our work as we create your order.
  4. We support seekers from all over the world to start and deepen their spiritual practice using the power of palo santo. 
  5. We will send you an activation ritual for your palo santo piece.
  6. We love our planet, we love people, and we love our products.
  7. We plant trees in Peru as our environmental commitment.

About our Palo Santo wood

Materials matter!

Our palo santo was reclaimed in Peru and kept for over three decades to further develop its aroma.

We use laser engraving to burn sacred, ancient symbols into the wood and create beautiful mala beads and amulets for the modern spiritual seeker.

Palo santo (Bursera graveolens) is a wild tree native of South American Andes mountains. It has a life-span of 40-200 years. There is nothing visibly special about the palo santo tree when it is a living plant. The magic starts when the tree has naturally died, and it’s trunk and branches have fallen. 4-5 years into its rest on the forest floor, the wood begins producing an aromatic oil that gives the wood a typically sweet, mystical, unique aroma. For palo santo, sustainably harvested means that no living trees are cut and only the dead logs are reclaimed from the forest bed. Local governments regulate this practice. 

Only the logs harvested this way maintain the oil and the smell.

Said to have been originated in Inca times, modern-day Peruvian and Colombian shamans use palo santo in their ceremonies. The primary use for the wood is that of clearing the energies around a space or a person through smudging its smoke.

We create personalized products that we craft with intention and intuition, holding your positive intent above our work. We support your daily practice with palo santo rituals. 

We pledge to honor and support the region where our wood comes from. A percentage of our revenue is used to plant trees in Peru through our partnership with 1% for the Planet.

Quality Promise

You’ll love it, guaranteed!

We stand by the products we create, from thoughtfully sourced materials to the intention from which they’re crafted. Because of this, we hope that every palo santo piece that leaves our workshop honors your meaningful spiritual journey.

If you are not wholeheartedly satisfied with your order each and every timesend us a note so we can make things right.